Petro Piamond component solution Co. Ltd. Was founded in 2010, with participation several experts on different engineering and commercial fields. This company started its activity by supplying industrial parts and equipment. Cooperating with Asia Puran Bokhar Company, that constructs diverse range of mechanical parts over 25 years, Petro Piamond developed its activity by design and construction of industrial parts with competitive quality, with European and American ones. The main goal of this company is to supply and service to Iran’s strategic industrial divisions like oil, gas, petrochemicals, power plants, steel, cement, wood and paper, rubber manufacturing, water and wastewater and etc. and also tries to develop consistently in order to offer better and satisfactory services to related industries.


Petro Piamond was established in 2010 in Tehran with its main line of business being procurement and supply of aircraft spare parts, aircraft tyres, and commercial aviation products. The company has since offered its services to a number of operators, MROs and other suppliers.
Petro Piamond is geared to undertake the most demanding requests, by providing cost effective, high quality and reliable spare parts and aviation materials.
Our professional experience and technical expertise is crucial to our success. Despite ever-increasing stringent regulations and controls within the aviation industry, our customers trust our infrastructure and ability to meet such challenges and provide impressive services.


Together, TEUFELBERGER and Redaelli offer more than 400 years of combined expertise and a one-of-a-kind portfolio of high performing steel wire ropes. We are therefore proud to inform you that these two steel wire rope brands have now been merged into one! The resulting new “Teufelberger-Redaelli” brand strives to play a leading role in the development and production of high performance steel wire ropes.
And the combined best from two steel wire rope worlds has already claimed its first success: the delivery and installation of ropes for the Seis-Seiseralm bicable ropeway in South Tyrol, Italy. Furthermore, this newsletter features articles about other fascinating projects such as “Estadio Wanda Metropolitano” soccer stadium, the delivery and installation of ropes for the GD 10 Vauz-Pordoi gondola ropeway in the Dolomites, and the delivery of steel wire ropes for the Ocean One research vessel.
Our successful work is not limited to new products, but also extends to standards! This Newsletter provides information about our findings which we contributed to the FEM 5.025 Guideline for the “Safe Use of High Performance Fiber Ropes in Mobile Crane Applications”.


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