Together, TEUFELBERGER and Redaelli offer more than 400 years of combined expertise and a one-of-a-kind portfolio of high performing steel wire ropes. We are therefore proud to inform you that these two steel wire rope brands have now been merged into one! The resulting new “Teufelberger-Redaelli” brand strives to play a leading role in the development and production of high performance steel wire ropes.
And the combined best from two steel wire rope worlds has already claimed its first success: the delivery and installation of ropes for the Seis-Seiseralm bicable ropeway in South Tyrol, Italy. Furthermore, this newsletter features articles about other fascinating projects such as “Estadio Wanda Metropolitano” soccer stadium, the delivery and installation of ropes for the GD 10 Vauz-Pordoi gondola ropeway in the Dolomites, and the delivery of steel wire ropes for the Ocean One research vessel.
Our successful work is not limited to new products, but also extends to standards! This Newsletter provides information about our findings which we contributed to the FEM 5.025 Guideline for the “Safe Use of High Performance Fiber Ropes in Mobile Crane Applications”.
In addition, the Teufelberger-Redaelli product portfolio is really something to write home about! It caters to various fields of use in offshore and onshore oil and gas exploration, the transport of passengers and goods, mining, industrial lifting facilities for construction work and in harbors, personal protection systems, and the development and production of innovative lifting systems. Of course, in 2018 various international trade shows will again give you plenty of opportunities to get to know our products & services. For details, please consult our Wire Rope Trade-Show Planner.
We hope you’ll enjoy the read.

After the consolidation: Merger of TEUFELBERGER and Redaelli brands

Following the consolidation of their steel wire rope activities, these two long-standing companies from the high performance rope segment are now operating under the “Teufelberger-Redaelli” brand.

It is with pride that TEUFELBERGER and Redaelli announce the merger of their brands in the steel wire rope segment. The creation of the new “Teufelberger-Redaelli” brand is in line with the positive trend of our integration and, thanks to product portfolios that ideally complement one another, aims to play a leading role in the development and production of high performance steel wire ropes.
In terms of appearance, the Teufelberger-Redaelli brand is the natural continuation of the course which we embarked on in last January with the announcement of the acquisition and which we continued with the closing of this deal in April. What is more important, however, is that customers will still recognize at first glance the brand they have relied on for decades.
For Redaelli’s well-established Tensostructures segment, Redaelli will be maintained as an independent brand in that specific market.

TECI expands its product portfolio with ropes and personal protection systems from TEUFELBERGER

Hand in hand with the increased international presence of Teufelberger-Redaelli, TECI, Redaelli’s subsidiary for the distribution of steel wire ropes in the Italian market, expands its product portfolio which now also includes ropes and personal protection systems from TEUFELBERGER.
TECI is the leader brand in the Italian market for what concerns the production and distribution of all kind of steel wire ropes for industrial lifting, harbor, constructions, drilling as well as slings and hoisting accessories. It has refined a very high level of technology when it comes to fitting sockets and pressed ends, type approving all special processes carried out by its production departments in conjunction with RI.NA.
TECI has a metallurgical test laboratory, equipped with two machines for fatigue testing and two for tensile testing from 120 up to 300 tonnes, where both destructive and non-destructive tests are carried out. Furtherly the TECI distribution and logistic Center at Castegnato (BS), meets the most complex production needs and service of this sector from the most cranes & industrial OEM and the aftersales TECI is able to guarantee a qualified service starting from the single rope to the complete lifting system. Certainly can boast of being the largest distribution center of this business in Europe

TEUFELBERGER contributes essential insights to the development of the FEM 5.024 Guideline for the “Safe Use of High Performance Fiber Ropes in Mobile Crane Applications”.

The FEM 5.024 Guideline is the first-ever published official guideline worldwide providing guidance for the design, use, operation, and testing of high performance fiber crane ropes.
TEUFELBERGER and LIEBHERR, development partners for many years and, thanks to the soLITE® high strength fiber rope for cranes, global technology leaders in this sector, contributed their vast expertise regarding the necessary product and acceptance tests.
The insights which TEUFELBERGER obtained during the development of its soLITE® fiber rope with respect to the limitations of the use of fiber ropes on cranes such as safety factor, life span to point of discard, and the tests that need to be conducted before a rope can be used, formed the basis for drafting the FEM 5.024 Guideline. LIEBHERR also contributed its results from numerous in-depth crane tests.

For Christof Gstrein, TEUFELBERGER’s product manager for soLITE®, the publication of the FEM Guideline marks an important step forward: “This is a milestone and an important basis for the use of fiber ropes on cranes”.


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Market News: Ropeway Ropes

With Teufelberger’s and Redaelli’s pooled experience, the Seis-Seiseralm bicable ropeway is running smoothly!

Since mid-2017, Teufelberger and Redaelli have combined the best from two steel wire rope worlds. The most recent success resulting from this consolidation was the project to deliver and install the ropes for the Seis-Seiseralm bicable ropeway where our enhanced performance capacity and our broadened service spectrum have already proved advantageous.
The Seiser Alm in South Tyrol is a tourist magnet all year round, and one of its most heavily frequented ropeways is the Seis-Seiseralm bicable ropeway, taking passengers from Seis, a village with a population of 2,000, up to the Seiser Alm. Dr. Ing. Erwin Gasser, the engineer in charge of this lift system and managing director of SEIS-SEISER ALM BAHN AG, relies on the more than 400 years of combined steel wire rope production experience of Teufelberger-Redaelli.
With a length of nearly 9,000 m and a diameter of 53 mm, the SOLITEC® ۶xK36WS ropeway rope posed a manufacturing challenge mastered in exceptional style thanks to the combined manufacturing and process expertise provided by Teufelberger-Redaelli.
SOLITEC® ropes have an inner plastic compound coat. This coat ensures the perfect roundness of the rope core and makes it extremely resistant to tensile forces. Profiled support inserts permanently help avoid corrosion and wire breakage, which prolongs the service life of these ropes as compared to standard ropes. SOLITEC® ropes feature low-vibration running characteristics with minimal vibrations and minimal noise.
The time period from placing the order for the replacement rope for the system built in 2002 through to the installation of the rope was only five months. In view of the rope weight of almost 100 tons, transporting the SOLITEC® haul rope to the installation site constituted a logistical challenge.
The success of the Seis-Seiseralm project demonstrates that the consolidation of Redaelli and Teufelberger has opened up a number of opportunities. Our new sales organization is now even more effective, flexible, and efficient. Furthermore, our service and maintenance activities will be expanded throughout the entire group.

Market News: Tensostructures

The tensile structure for the ring-shaped roof of Madrid’s Estadio Wanda Metropolitano

With pride we announce that the tensile structure of the ring-shaped roof of the Estadio Wanda Metropolitano has been completed! The Estadio Wanda Metropolitano in Madrid is a home base for the Spanish Premier League soccer team Atletico Madrid.
Venue of the Track and Field Worlds in 1997, this arena was purchased by Atlético Madrid in 2013 and subjected to a full-scale renovation. Offering a capacity of 67,703 seats, the new soccer arena reopened its doors on September 16, 2017, for the first match of the season.
The stadium renovation project included a new and lightweight tensile structure, which covers almost the entire seating area for an overall surface of 46,500 SQM. From a technical viewpoint, the design principle is that of a spoked wheel: steel columns supporting an upper and a lower inner tension ring, where the approx. 50 m long radial cable girders converge supporting the membrane structure. The roof itself consists of an outer steel compression ring and two internal tension rings consisting of Full Locked Coil Cables. The system of the radial cables is installed between the compression ring and the tension ring so as to support the PTFE membrane.
The new Estadio Wanda Metropolitano will host the final match of 2019 UEFA Champions League.

Market News: Cableway

With Teufelberger-Redaelli tech to lofty heights: The new GD 10 Vauz-Pordoi gondola ropeway carries passengers with great comfort up to the Pordoi Pass!

Using Teufelberger-Redaelli ropes, the GD 10 Vaus-Pordoi gondola ropeway from LEITNER brings as many as 3,200 passengers per hour up to the Pordoi Pass in the Dolomites.
The new GD10 Vauz-Pordoi has come to replace the former four-seater chairlift. This constitutes an important step forward for the Pordoi Pass skiing area to cope with increased passenger traffic and to shorten waiting times. The new gondola ropeway is impressive, not only in terms of its transport capacity (up to 3,200 passengers per hour can be carried up the mountain), but also because of its modern and spacious X-Line cabins that allow skiers to stow their ski equipment in the ski rack provided inside the gondola. Moreover, also this gondola lift’s economic efficiency and quiet running characteristics factor positively into this equation.
Naturally, such a highly modern system requires an equally state-of-the-art and high performing ropeway rope: This is why a Redaelli steel wire rope was chosen that exactly meets the needs of this gondola ropeway – REDMONT 7k31 – DUAL CORE!
This 7-strand steel wire rope excels with its stability and homogeneity as well as with its innovative DUAL CORE. The combination of the classical SFC core with the plastic coating, which ensures greater stability over time, makes this ropeway rope quieter and less prone to elongation. All this results in a significant increase of the rope’s service life.
In view of the innovative technologies from LEITNER and Teufelberger-Redaelli, this gondola ropeway is considered as one of the most innovative passenger transport systems in the Italian Alps.

Market News: Offshore

Teufelberger-Redaelli supplies steel wire ropes for “Ocean One” research vessel

Effortlessly, the research vessel glides through spectacular natural scenery made up of steep jutting rocks and gigantic and glistening icebergs of the most unusual shapes. “Ocean One” is the presently most cutting-edge of research vessels. On her sojourn through pack ice and narrow waterways, she has explored the polar region since 1994.
In the last few months, this Arctic research vessel was subjected to a complete revamp. Naturally, this included upgrades to the most cutting-edge equipment to allow her to fulfill her main purpose, i.e., exploring and researching Artic waters, and in this way tackle the challenges of the future.
“Ocean One” was fitted with a 10,000 meter long Radaelli Flexpack steel wire rope so as to lower the research probes all the way down to the ocean floor for analytical tasks. Thus, for the success of its pioneering research projects, our customer yet again relies on the dependability and safety of Teufelberger-Redaelli steel wire ropes for the Offshore segment.

Wire Rope Exhibition Planner

In 2018, Teufelberger-Redaelli will again be in attendance at a number of specialist trade shows throughout the world.

The following list features upcoming wire rope trade shows for the Crane Ropes, Ropeway Ropes and Mining Ropes segments:

– Mining World Russia | 17 – 19/04/2018 | Russia
– Mountain Planet | 18 – 20/04/2018 | France
– Offshore Crane Conference | 24 – 26/04/2018 | USA
– NASCC Steel & Steel Bridges Conference | 11 – 13/04/2018 | USA
– OTC | 30/04 – 3/05/2018 | USA
– Mining Week | 24 – 26/04/2018 | Kazakhstan
– Tensi-Net – IMS International Textile Architecture Symposium | 17 – 19/05/2018 | USA


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