Our professional experience and technical training to our staff is our strength.

Petropiamond Industrial Goods Company started its activities in 2010 with the participation of several experienced specialists in various engineering and business trends. From the beginning of its establishment, supplying parts and industrial equipment, design and construction (with a quality competitive with European and American goods) on its agenda, and in this regard, by concluding a cooperation agreement with Pouran Bukhar Asia Company (active in the field of manufacturing) Special mechanical parts with 25 years of experience) expanded its activities.


We can use technology and

expertise to reassure our customers of high quality parts, competitive pricing, on-time delivery.


Our Activities



Petropiamond has a long history in manufacturing and designing a wide range of industrial components including: oil, gas, petrochemical, cement and aerospace industries.


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Team Members


Mr Nabi Salehpour Workshop Manager

Mr Kourosh Bahrami IT Manager

Mr Kambiz Bahrami CEO