Petro Piamond component solution Co. Ltd. Was founded in 2010, with participation several experts on different engineering and commercial fields.

This company started its activity by supplying industrial parts and equipment.Cooperating with Asia PuranBokhar Company, that constructs diverse range of mechanical parts over 25 years, Petro Piamond developed its activity by design and construction of industrial parts with competitive quality, with European and American ones. The main goal of this company is to supply and service to Iran’s strategic industrial divisions like oil, gas, petrochemicals, power plants, steel, cement, wood and paper, rubber manufacturing, water and wastewater and etc. and also tries to develop consistently in order to offer better and satisfactory services to related industries.


Addres : Unit 17, NO.260, Between Ramin and Golestan, Ayatollah Kashani BLV, Tehran, Iran

Tell : +98 21 44043863

Fax : +98 21 44099372

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